Tips To Design Your Small Living Area

If you’re someone who takes residency in a studio apartment, one of your frustrations might be the struggle of making the most of your small living place. It is not uncommon for people who have the same living space to feel troubled on how to make their home look inviting, stylish, and still comfortable to live in.

Stretch It

When you give emphasis on the vertical space of your studio apartment, you also should apply it to your horizontal space. If you successfully do so, the styling of your room will have a sense of movement and would provide a sense of illusion, making your studio apartment appear to be larger than it has been before.

Add Some Heights

One of the easiest and most viable way to create more space in a small room, it to alter the vertical space. To do this, you can install shelves where you can stack items such as books, plants, lamps, and other items. Through this, you won’t only be able to emphasize the vertical space of your place, but you are also giving it a sense of openness.

White Out

The white paint has qualities that can create an illusion or an impression that a room is more open than it actually is for makes space become larger and airier. Aside from that, the color white also simplifies space, which makes it effective for your architectural features to stand out. If you want to experiment with it, you can incorporate other elements such as textured elements or accessories such as wood or rugs and carpets.


One of the easiest ways to turn a small room appear to be crowded is to incorporate oversized furniture. Whenever you decide to add furniture of accessories in your apartment, you should consider and take note of the scale and proportionality. Take note of foot traffic that comes in and out in spaces and necessary distances. It would also be beneficial for you to choose types of furniture that also offer storage features so that you can minimize your space usage in just one item.