Slowly Get Rid of Your Backyard Mosquito Problem

It’s always frustrating whenever you’re enjoying your perfect summer night, and then you suddenly have your zen disturbed by a sharp bite from a mosquito. These small flying creature sure are tiny in comparison to every human body, but they sure do pack a massive amount of disturbance with them whenever they deem us as their prey.

While it is near impossible to completely eradicate the existence of mosquitos in your yard, there are available and viable steps that you can heed for you to reduce their population. To enjoy your summer night without having to be disturbed by mosquitos, follow these steps and tips.

What Makes Mosquitos Stay in a Yard?

To be successful in reducing the number of mosquitos, it is essential to know what attracts them to stay in the first place. Mosquitos are attracted to food, CO2 emitted by humans, and moisture and shade. These insects can fly up to 20 miles from where they were first hatched, which makes it very difficult to trace and eliminate.

However, there are still measures that you can take to reduce their number.

Clean Static Water

Keeping water static anyway can highly attract mosquitoes for they lay their eggs in water, even the smallest amount. Thus, removing their breeding sites would hugely help you in reducing mosquitoes. Items such as kiddy pools, stashed bottles, and dirty and clogged gutters would be among the most common breeding places that mosquitoes occupy in backyards.

Maintain Your Grass

Vegetation in your yard should still be maintained for mosquitoes can rest in tall grass, which makes it easier for them to prey on you if you’re out relaxing. Grasses and weeds should be maintained low, and if you are unable to do this, there are services available that can perform lawn maintenance and landscaping for you.

Natural Herbs

There are available natural herps that you can plant in your garden to repel mosquitoes. Aside from that, they can be a useful feature in your garden. Plants such as Citronella, Basil, Lavender, Catnip, and Lemongrass are good natural repellants.

Keep Your Yard Clean

One of the most effective ways of reducing mosquitoes in your yard would be to perform a pesticide treatment. Most homeowners refuse to do this option since heavy chemicals are usually used, and it can be a big problem for your family or your pets. However, a professional will still be able to provide you with options that are environmentally friendly, which means that this option is still viable.

To do this, you should contact a professional to inquire as they would first perform a site survey, and design the most efficient method of pesticide control for your house.

With these steps, you will surely have a much better time and a better backyard environment that you can truly enjoy without having to be disturbed by mosquito bites.