Benefits of Farm Cottages

There is a new trend in today’s time as more and more people are trending not to live in concrete jungles. As they all become aware of the climate change that is happening, they intend to take conscious steps to undo the damage we all have been doing to the planet. It is a way of life which is quiet, more personal, healthier, and also has a sense of community living attached to it. They even have a name for it: “Agrihoods”. Cutting trees without any thought and covering up the earth surface can cause so many ill-effects that we all need to know and understand. Once we do, more and more people would intend to live in Agrihoods.

A new centre for community-living

Till now people have only been planning a community around a shared environmental resource like a pond but having a master plan where residences are clustered around a food resource is fresh, in every sense of the word.

New environment of life

This type of living also has the tight-knit feel of staying in a typical community, but an experiential factor of how it would feel like to live in a village is also attached to it. You get to see your neighbours planting crops and reaping harvests which are quite splendid and very primal.

New values get inculcated

A different type of value system gets inculcated in people who choose to live this way. The neighbours bring their food to table not just from the kitchen but the soil. This adds a whole new dimension to saying ‘Grace’ before a meal.

Meaningful social time

While most other communities’ idea of doing something social involves playing a cricket match once in a blue moon, people living in farm cottages come together for much more. The shared and active goals of the people keep the green heart beating and bring forth a different type of calm and serenity to the environment.


A whole new community centre

The idea of a community centre in such a residential area goes way beyond the simple table tennis table and party hall. People are interested in nurturing and spending more time in a greenhouse and gardens rather than being busy in their own homes. The elements in the community tend to provide fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables and happiness too, in a very subtle way.

More conscious of what you ingest

How often do we sit and think about what sort of chemicals we’re ingesting while we buy a kilogram or carrots and apples? The answer to that question would be zilch but this curiosity sublimely develops in the residents of farm cottages, and they are encouraged to ask questions to each other.

Flexible offers and holiday packages

Some places offer holiday packages in self-catering farm cottages. One gets to enjoy the calmness and flexible life. You get to grow what you like to eat, and at times you are pleased to do so.