The Difference Between A House And A Cottage

Ever since the beginning of time, Homo sapiens have been the superior race because of their success in being hunters and gatherers. A shelter is a need which is at par with the other two basic necessities for a human being to survive on the planet and make life possible through the harsh weather conditions we face. Two such shelter providing structures are a house and a cottage. Anything which provides shelter to a human being from the various kinds of dangers they are subjected to during the course of life can be called a House. A hut or mansion or any kind of structure can also be a house. Let’s find out if a cottage has any major differences from a house.

Differentiating based on the definition

A building or shelter providing unit is termed as a house while a cottage is a word used to define a dwelling which is cosier and present in a rural or semi-rural setting.

The history associated with dwelling

As mentioned earlier, man was the hunter and gatherer who was in search of a place to take shelter and found caves as the solution they were seeking. They slowly thought of more ideas to make a dwelling space more efficient by using animal skin and fur to make tents. Nowadays, there is a clear divide between housing for the poor and housing for the rich based on the scale and appearance.

How do the books define a cottage?

In medieval times, most people would live in a cottage or a small dwelling space for peasants. These small houses picked up a surge in the usage and became popular. With the advent of technology and industry, people are left with the idea that ideal living is living in peace, surrounded by some natural feature. Oxford goes as far as defining a cottage as only a summer-home present near a water body or heath.


Significance it holds in today’s day and age

Although they vary a lot in attributes based on the country where people are talking about a cottage, the basic idea of a cosy shelter still sticks on. They have become more of a relaxation spot for spending weekends with friends and family but not regular habitation. Not just rural areas but they are being used up in the urban scene also.

How does the purpose differ for a house and a cottage?

To sum up and reiterate, any building which provides shelter to a place like these is termed as a house. Cottages, although, initially for small farmers to enjoy countryside dwelling while in today’s market, people from all walks of life look forward to meeting and enjoying in such a cottage.