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Living in a cottage you can usually expect to have little in the way of storage. Usually the essentials are going to come first in all situations. If you are newcomer to living in a cottage, then you can forget your Television, your video games, large pieces of furniture. Grab a good book, your animal, and a portable hammock. Owning and enjoying a Cottage means getting away from the world.

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This Old Cottage has lots of great information related to cottage living. Nothing beats relaxing in your cottage.
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Our cottage is a family tradition and it's nice to read a blog where they have the same family values.
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Compromises You Shouldn’t Do in your Tiny House

Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular with the masses due to media portrayals of it. Though it might appear to be tempting to some as a choice of living, what people should realize first is that tiny houses are all about compromises for they essentially forward the pursuit for practicality, and minimizing the use of items, and less about having “too much” or excess things. To do this, compromises should be made, and on the other hand, there are also things that one should not sacrifice.

Good and Decent Sleep

No one can ever function at their optimum state whenever they lack sleep. When you have a tiny house, one of the compromises that you have to consider is the choice of furniture. The need for a headboard or frame would even come unnecessary, and you will come to realize that all you will ever need in your room is a decent and good mattress. In fact, in the alterations that you make in your tiny house, choosing the best bed that would provide you the rest that your body requires is the most important thing to do. Make sure that you won’t be trading your need for such feature be compromised.

Sense and Feel of Being at Home

It would be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient to feel as if you live in a refrigerator box, especially when you just came home exhausted from work. When it comes to arranging and designing your home, make sure that you do not sacrifice the sense or feeling of being at home. Your tiny home should still give off the feel of comfortability, relaxation, and ease that you need at the end of the day.

The Company of People You Love

Whether your house already houses a number of people or not, you should still be able to make your home inviting and able to cater to a handful of guests whenever the opportunity or situation shows up.

To do this, you can make sure that your kitchen is equipped with appliances that are full-sized so as to do the cooking and entertaining easier, maximize the use of furniture in a way that everything can be utilized and no space is wasted.

Whatever you do to make your tiny home as inviting and as accommodating as possible, the trick is to do it with a little creativity without compromising the basic and most important aspects of a house.

Ways That You Can Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

If you’re someone who’s anxious about the possibility of your home being broken into by an intruder and have your family get harmed, there are ways and extra precautionary measures that you can take for you to feel safe as well as your family. Since it is impossible to predict definite times where intruders will invade your home, then it is important to equip your household these features to repel or even prevent intruders from making your home as their victim.


Installing great fences in your household is an effective deterrence for potential intruders for they will find it hassle to deal with. Normally, intruders want to invade in and out as quickly as possible since they don’t want to be caught. Thus, having a large fence installed in your home will reduce your chances of being infiltrated. Installing razor top and sharp features at the top of your fences is also a good strategy of totally repelling them too.

Homeowners Insurance

Since it’s almost impossible to make your house completely intruder-proof, most people feel better whenever they have insurance. Through various companies and agencies that provide the service, you will able to choose the perfect insurance plan that would best cater to your needs and preferences. Homeowners insurance will be able to cover the costs and the number of valuables that are stolen or damaged due to the breaking in.

Install Metal Bars Over Some Windows

Usually, when burglars don’t break through the front door, they often target your home’s broken or unlocked window. If you find the thought of someone sneaking inside through your window very unsettling, then installing some metal bars would be best for you. Metal bars would be able to provide you better-reinforced security for they provide great difficulty for intruders to creep inside your windows. Aside from that, you can have the liberty of having your windows open to provide more air in your house without compromising your security.

Household security is highly important for they protect not only the material valuables that you have worked hard to keep and have, but it can also protect you and your loved ones. Investing in good and efficient house security will never be a waste.

Moving Tips to Take Note Of

The thought of moving to a different home seems exciting for most of us. We could experience a different setting, a new space, and a new environment to work. But the only thing that is dreadful from what is supposed to be an exciting experience for us is the fact that we have to move from a place we got so comfortable.  You have to pack your stuff, transport them from one place to another, arrange the moving, and to ask your friends and relatives to help you even if they dread doing this. The task is tedious and dreary if you don’t know the tips and hacks that could help you save time and avoid getting stressed due to complications that could arise.

No matter how much you cautiously plan the move, there will always be regrets that you encounter at the end of the event that you think could have helped the movement. There might have been a better approach that is easy and convenient, but you somehow forgot about the method and ended up wasting time and energy.  Below are some of the useful tricks and hacks that could make moving day a less stressful day for you.

Plan Ahead

Planning is a crucial step for moving, and it should be given more importance because once everything is properly planned out, there won’t be any complications at your end. Clean the kitchen and bathroom in the place you’re about to move into so that you won’t have to do this after moving. Separate the items you’d like to bring with you to your new home and the items you’d like to throw away or donate. Make sure to update your address, subscriptions, and utility bills so that there won’t be complications on their due dates. Look around for the cheapest and best rates on movers’ company as soon as possible so that you could book them for the mid-month or mid-week to reduce the cost.

Redeem the Deposit

If you lived in an apartment, make sure to take pictures of your old place before you move and your new home during the moving. It is to ensure that there won’t be unnecessary charges placed on you since some landlords do this often. Look for scratches on the carpet, if there are any. To remove them, you can apply ice cubes directly unto the dents to melt them and use any long tool to lift the fibers. For the inappropriate nail holes in the walls that you placed when you thought of hanging the cute painting you had, you can use toothpaste for clearing them out.

Learn to Save Everything

Perhaps the most stressful thing to think about when it comes to moving is the fact that you have to spend so much money on the new place and the moving process. If you could cut the expenses, maybe this could alleviate the stress and make the moving process a peaceful activity. It doesn’t mean that you hired a mover, doesn’t mean that they would be able to handle the job correctly so make sure to ask for the containers and boxes they use. Wrap every delicate item with newspaper and magazine to avoid damages, dump all of your clothes in a trash bag to make the process of taking them out more manageable, and place labels in every container so as not to confuse yourself when unpacking.

5 Reasons to Move to the Coast

Lot of people believe that the notion of moving to their favourite destination for vacation is a mere fantasy since, at some point, they do not think it’s reasonable to move to the coast. However, as a matter of fact, there are several helpful reasons why anybody must go out their current job and home to move closer to the coast.

Have you remembered the feeling of relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation after your last trip to the ocean? You’ll be in awe of how that feeling can enhance everything regarding your life.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to move closer to the coast:

It optimizes your overall life quality.

People take vacation to the ocean for a reason, not merely to bathe under the sun, but due to the relaxing atmosphere oceans give.

Studies show that spending more time in the sun and living close to the ocean can enhance a lot of aspects in your life. Living on the coast can enhance your health, productivity, mood and much more.

Aids your mental health.

Living close to the coast can help everything—from your mental health to your physical health.  It has been proven to aid several areas of your mental health like better sleep and stress relief, which increases your lifespan. The sea air has been noted to be amazing for sleep since it’s fresher and cleaner air with a higher oxygen level. These aspects are essential for a great and sound sleep that’s much needed for great mental health.

Heightens the desire to exercise.

Living on the coast can even encourage weight loss for different reasons. The ocean is similar to getting your personal gigantic swimming pool, and swimming is one of the greatest means of exercise, offering you a great cardio workout as it exercises your body’s each muscle group simultaneously.

In addition, on the coast, there are a lot of outdoor activities that are difficult to decline similar to biking at sunset, running on the beach, paddle boarding, kayaking and much more.

Better investment.

Living by the coast is a greater investment since you can have a better return of investment once you buy a house or a condo on the coast. The coastal home’s real estate market are higher at all times. As a matter of fact, the value is continually increasing since living by the coast is turning to be much more desirable.

You can take benefit of this in a lot of ways. You can consider reselling your property after you buy it or you can rent it out once you are away. There are a lot of coastal areas where this can help you accumulate great income.

The lifestyle.

There’s no other than the coastal lifestyle. Everybody is always relaxed and happy. Once you spend any particular period of time there, you’ll have to know a lot of others who seek similar things as you are. Also, the local food is always the greatest.

Advantages of Owning A House at A Younger Age

It seems like we have this preconceived notion that twenties is not the ideal age to buy a house and this is something that we do only at the later part of our lives. However, it’s a good thing to buy a house at a younger age despite what most people think since it has so many advantages for you to use. For some, it might be a daunting thing to do but having no landlord to tell you what to do and what not to make sounds right! You could also control over the renovations at your home, giving you the freedom to build your house to however you like it. Below are some of the most important advantages of having a house at a younger age, so read on to know them!

Build Up Your Credit

If you have a credit card, you should know by now that credit history is essential in every stage of your life. Establishing a proper credit at an early stage is an excellent method for increasing your credibility as a future lender. It’s true that your car loan and credit card alone is a good building up plan, but regularly paying for a mortgage will boost your credit score significantly. The benefits of having a good credit history are that you could use this when you’re planning to buy the biggest home possible. If you’re not, then maybe it would help you buy a bigger house when you’re about to start a family.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits should never be underestimated since it’s a significant factor to have that could only be accessed when you buy a house.  If you have a home, you could obtain tax credits that you can use to decrease your tax liability. Decreasing you tax liability means that there would be a lower payment to give to the government every year during tax season. Having a reduced tax is a good thing to have for young bachelors/bachelorette so make sure to buy a house if you’re thinking about the high taxes you have to pay.


The housing market is unpredictable like a wave that you never thought would rise to five feet. If you could commit yourself to buy a house at a young age, it would be a good investment for you. Having a home means you have a property that could be sold at any time so if you do think about buying a bigger house, you could sell your current house as a down payment for your next home. Renting pales in comparison to owning a house when it comes to investment because you’re only wasting money on something you don’t hold! It’s not turning into something, but just a temporary place for you to settle in.

More Responsibility, More Money to Save

It’s a teacher that will guide us on how we spend our money. Yes, it may feel restricting to our dreams of unraveling the world with our own two hands, but it’s a good thing to be conscious about your spending to save more money. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be locking yourself up in your house, never spending a penny to enjoy the sweetness of life, but it would teach you to avoid wasting money unnecessarily. Treat that knocking grim reaper called mortgage as a friend and advisor who will guide your wallet to a bigger potential.

No Roommates

It’s not a benefit for your wallet, but for your well-being in general. Throughout our college years and even up to our working years, we have our own roommate experiences. Perhaps, we’ve encountered a roommate that makes you want to rip your hair apart due to their annoying habits that makes your living quarters a messy place to live. Irresponsible, unsanitary, doesn’t pay rent on time, are the ingredients to blend the worst roommate possible. They say that no amount of money can buy you freedom but at least buying a house gives you the freedom to stay away from those type of people.

Renovate to Your Liking

For every DIYers out there, nothing is a better target for your hobbies of turning everything into your own brand than your own home. You can’t renovate an apartment, so you’d be restricted on what to change and what to alter. In your home, you won’t have to think about landlords screaming at you for renovating the apartment. You have so many control when you own a house, change the theme of the location anytime you like, repaint the walls to your liking, remodel the living room into a more modern setting, turning your house into eco-friendly, and many more aspects you can freely change in your home. The sky’s the limit when you decorate your own house.

Tips To Design Your Small Living Area

If you’re someone who takes residency in a studio apartment, one of your frustrations might be the struggle of making the most of your small living place. It is not uncommon for people who have the same living space to feel troubled on how to make their home look inviting, stylish, and still comfortable to live in.

Stretch It

When you give emphasis on the vertical space of your studio apartment, you also should apply it to your horizontal space. If you successfully do so, the styling of your room will have a sense of movement and would provide a sense of illusion, making your studio apartment appear to be larger than it has been before.

Add Some Heights

One of the easiest and most viable way to create more space in a small room, it to alter the vertical space. To do this, you can install shelves where you can stack items such as books, plants, lamps, and other items. Through this, you won’t only be able to emphasize the vertical space of your place, but you are also giving it a sense of openness.

White Out

The white paint has qualities that can create an illusion or an impression that a room is more open than it actually is for makes space become larger and airier. Aside from that, the color white also simplifies space, which makes it effective for your architectural features to stand out. If you want to experiment with it, you can incorporate other elements such as textured elements or accessories such as wood or rugs and carpets.


One of the easiest ways to turn a small room appear to be crowded is to incorporate oversized furniture. Whenever you decide to add furniture of accessories in your apartment, you should consider and take note of the scale and proportionality. Take note of foot traffic that comes in and out in spaces and necessary distances. It would also be beneficial for you to choose types of furniture that also offer storage features so that you can minimize your space usage in just one item.

The Advantages of Buying a House that Has Not Been Built Yet

Say, for example, you’ve had your eye on a property for a long time. You imagine that the house had the best location and architecture – it’s perfect. Then, the property is up for sale. However, you won’t be able to afford because of your budget. Instead, you can opt to buy a property or a house that has not been built yet, and you’ll see the advantages that it entails.

Helping The Developer

If you want to buy a house that is still under construction or development, try considering purchasing a “lot.” These properties are already earmarked for development, but the house is not yet built. With this, you are essentially helping the developer when you buy this land. Often, people don’t realize the fact that developers make more money on a home purchase when it is already finished. However, they also might be short on budget for them to complete the project and finish it. With this, the investors come into the picture, to help them. This method or choice of purchase will save you money in the long term if you’re the type who’s into frugal living.

“Land Only” Purchase

One of the advantages of buying a home that’s not been built yet is the discounts that it entails. There might be available pieces of properties that are up for sale, and is designated for residential use but has no developers for it. You can acquire benefit from this sale by investing in it. You can do this by hiring a surveyor to check the land. Then, you can design your own home from scratch.

Be A Part of The Construction Phase

Usually, when you purchase a home from a developer, the construction and design have already been planned out. However, it is still better when you are part of the construction phase by visiting the site. With this, you can be able to offer input and request them your needs. Through this, you will be fully satisfied up until the results knowing that your house is built to satisfy your needs and preferences.

Be a Participant

If you bought a home that can be developed in a DIY manner, you can and should perform the work yourself for you can save a huge amount of dollars in the process since you are cutting down massive labor costs. Also, you can feel a great sense of accomplishment whenever you complete the work yourself. You can consider it a passion project.

When purchasing a property or a house, always remember that you are in control of that project. Don’t hesitate to take control and be a participant in your investment.

Advantages of Using Eucalyptus Timber

Australia is a generous country when it comes to resources. There are many things that this nation could offer to the world with its diverse population of trees and plants. The most popular in this category would be the Eucalyptus. The Eucalyptus has more than 700 species, and most of them are native to Australia alone, making them a primary supplier to this tree. The Eucalyptus regnans is renowned for being the tallest flowering plant in the world.

Did you know that Eucalyptus trees can reach up to 200 feet in height, making them one of the tallest plants on the planet and some species could have a lifespan of over 1000 years old? It’s probably one of the most exciting species of plant, given its many uses for every part of the tree.

In this article, we will be focusing on some of the most crucial advantage and benefits of this timber. Below are some of them:

Using Eucalyptus Timbers as Structural Support To Buildings

Eucalyptus timbers are durable and very tough when it comes to its usage. Because of this, they are classified as a hardwood,  making them great for structural support to buildings. You could say goodbye to the traditional cement-based structural support and say hello to using Eucalyptus timbers for your building!


The timber is known to be a versatile construction material that is sought out in the market all around the world. It is due to its flexibility of usage when it comes to indoor and outdoor construction. Take note that not only is the Eucalyptus timber good for its flexibility, its also good money to buy this since you can use it in every situation you have in hand. You can even use them in every part of the structure of your building!


Another advantage of using Eucalyptus timber is that there’s only one diameter for this species. Well, not precisely the same, but at least similar in size. Because of the consistency of the timber’s width, it increases our love for this timber that other wood poles of the same size could not even compare.

If you don’t like chopping off timbers so that they would have the same size, then the Eucalyptus timber is the best timber for you.


Using wood as the flooring in your home is one of the most expensive choices compared to other methods of flooring. Not only is the cost limited to installing them, but you have to make an additional payment for adjusting and installing it. The expenses do not limit those factors alone, but you must pay more for having them fixed if they’re not installed correctly. Eucalyptus timber is one of the cost-efficient types of wood in the market, solving your problem of spending too much on flooring alone.  They’re a good option if you’re looking for a cheap yet effective timber to use.


Eucalyptus timber is not commonly found in any part of the world, and due to this, there are many attempts to preserve this species of trees while making the most out of it. If you are an environmentalist and afraid of using Eucalyptus timber, you can relax because you won’t be hurting the nature in any way when you use them as a material. The companies that process Eucalyptus trees ensure that if they plant more than they chop off. They grow quicker than other types of trees which won’t hinder the number of timber products produced.


Using Eucalyptus is your best option for timber if you’re looking for a durable material. Many engineers and architects love to use Eucalyptus timber as part of their design because it’s one of the sturdiest timbers out there and they could withstand deterioration. It goes without saying that it’s the best option for many wood design enthusiasts.


As mentioned above, the Eucalyptus has over 700 species, making them very diverse as compared to other competitors. Australia is the most prominent supplier of Eucalyptus timber, and you could get them done in many ways. If you are not using Eucalyptus timber right now, maybe you should change to this type of material due to its durability, sustainability, efficiency, consistency, and adaptability. It has everything you need, why look for other materials?

Slowly Get Rid of Your Backyard Mosquito Problem

It’s always frustrating whenever you’re enjoying your perfect summer night, and then you suddenly have your zen disturbed by a sharp bite from a mosquito. These small flying creature sure are tiny in comparison to every human body, but they sure do pack a massive amount of disturbance with them whenever they deem us as their prey.

While it is near impossible to completely eradicate the existence of mosquitos in your yard, there are available and viable steps that you can heed for you to reduce their population. To enjoy your summer night without having to be disturbed by mosquitos, follow these steps and tips.

What Makes Mosquitos Stay in a Yard?

To be successful in reducing the number of mosquitos, it is essential to know what attracts them to stay in the first place. Mosquitos are attracted to food, CO2 emitted by humans, and moisture and shade. These insects can fly up to 20 miles from where they were first hatched, which makes it very difficult to trace and eliminate.

However, there are still measures that you can take to reduce their number.

Clean Static Water

Keeping water static anyway can highly attract mosquitoes for they lay their eggs in water, even the smallest amount. Thus, removing their breeding sites would hugely help you in reducing mosquitoes. Items such as kiddy pools, stashed bottles, and dirty and clogged gutters would be among the most common breeding places that mosquitoes occupy in backyards.

Maintain Your Grass

Vegetation in your yard should still be maintained for mosquitoes can rest in tall grass, which makes it easier for them to prey on you if you’re out relaxing. Grasses and weeds should be maintained low, and if you are unable to do this, there are services available that can perform lawn maintenance and landscaping for you.

Natural Herbs

There are available natural herps that you can plant in your garden to repel mosquitoes. Aside from that, they can be a useful feature in your garden. Plants such as Citronella, Basil, Lavender, Catnip, and Lemongrass are good natural repellants.

Keep Your Yard Clean

One of the most effective ways of reducing mosquitoes in your yard would be to perform a pesticide treatment. Most homeowners refuse to do this option since heavy chemicals are usually used, and it can be a big problem for your family or your pets. However, a professional will still be able to provide you with options that are environmentally friendly, which means that this option is still viable.

To do this, you should contact a professional to inquire as they would first perform a site survey, and design the most efficient method of pesticide control for your house.

With these steps, you will surely have a much better time and a better backyard environment that you can truly enjoy without having to be disturbed by mosquito bites.

How To Eradicate Weeds

Weeds make it hard for us to enjoy lawns, and some of them can be potentially harmful whenever they have thorns and spikes that can be painful if it gains contact in our skin. Aside from that, weeds can leech nutrients from other plants that are in your yard, which only makes it urgent for you to get rid of them.

Most people who have the same problem often stay away from using chemicals to solve the weed problem for obvious reasons. However, there are still available and practical methods that you can use.

Here are a few tips and advice that can help you eliminate weeds in your yard:

Pulling Them

One of the most accessible methods would mean removing them straight up. To do this effectively, all you have to do is grab a pair or garden gloves, wet the ground to make it easier to pull and get started with the pulling task. The trick is to be sure that you remove the weed completely, including its roots.

Hot Salt Water

Though unpopular, using salt water is very effective since it can kill plants by dehydration. To do this, you can boil the water so as also to scorch the plant, disabling its potentiality to grow. However, you should still make sure that you are not affecting other plants whenever you pour the boiling salt water since it can be really destructive to their health. Make sure you are only affecting weeds.


Similar to boiling salt water’s effect, taking seven to 10 sheets of wet newspapers, laying them over the weeds that you wish to get rid of, and placing a heavy object on top of it can solve the problem. This is because the newspaper can suffocate the errant weeds and decomposes it.

Vodka Spray

If you happen to have stashed vodka, then you can use it as a form of a spray that can get rid of weeds. Fill up a spray bottle with vodka and drops of dish soap, and use it to eliminate weeds. Spraying on the leaves and the stems usually work best. Once the sunlight burns the weeds, you can remove it.

Weed-Suppressing Plants

There are available solutions that are completely natural and environment-friendly. Few plants are available for you to kill weeds without having to use harmful chemicals. These plants include Creeping Jenny, Hosta, Greek Yarrow, etc. These plants usually spread, which makes it easier for you to get rid of weeds faster.

Essential Oils

Mixing three drops of wintergreen essential oil, one part of vinegar, one part castile soap, and three cloves of clove can provide you your natural weed spray. This way, you will be able to have a substance that is completely safe and environment-friendly that can help you solve your weed problem.


Using mulch would help you hit two birds with one stone for they allow you to dress your yard up, and get rid of weeds both at the same time. To do this, add at least 2” to 3” of mulch would not only provide more nutrients for your soil, but it can also eliminate weeds.

Hire a Landscaping Professional

If you’ve done all of the steps mentioned above, but plants continue to be persistent and errant, then maybe it’s time for you to contact an expert. Hiring a landscaping profession might just provide you the fix. Through them, you can rest assured that they will perform the necessary methods to get rid of weeds in your yard, providing you ease and satisfaction once they get the job done.

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